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Kitchen Measure & Design Services Connecticut Cabinet Center

Successful kitchen designs begin and end with accurate measurements. In both remodeling and new construction projects, measuring for your kitchen is a detailed process which must be precise to avoid costly mistakes, ensure all components fit properly when they arrive at the jobsite and most importantly, keeping the project on schedule.


While this is not a complicated process, more often than not there are items and or details that an “untrained eye” may overlook even with simple projects which are imperative to finalizing a design.  These common oversights are why most experienced kitchen designers will highly recommend that your professional kitchen designer verifies all measurements and checks the jobsite conditions before a final order is placed.


Whether you feel uncertain about measuring yourself or just want to confirm your measurements, have a complex or difficult project or seeking professional input without any future obligations or commitments; consider a professional job site evaluation and field measure from Connecticut Cabinet Center in the early stages of the project planning.  During our visit to your jobsite which typically takes about an hour depending on the scope of the project, we will be happy to advise or answer any questions on kitchen design, building code requirements, construction, electrical, plumbing, flooring or any other job site requests.


Feel free to Contact Us with any questions or to set up an appointment.


From basic designs to those with all the personalized details, our sophisticated 20/20 premier design software along with our experienced designers will help to create a complete and comprehensive plan for your project.


With years of experience designing and installing kitchens, let the staff at Connecticut Cabinet Center help you through the process of creating a unique and functional design.

Live - Online Meetings & Design!

In today’s busy world we realize that meeting to review & make design changes can be cumbersome and difficult to schedule especially when there are multiple decision makers involved in the process.


At Connecticut Cabinet Center we realize that our customer’s time is extremely valuable, so for any customer with a computer and internet connection, Connecticut Cabinet Center offers the option of Online Meetings.


Our state of the art online meeting program allows us to connect with our customers at hours convenient for them from the comfort of their own homes, work places or other locations without disrupting their busy schedules.  With a couple of simple steps, you are connected live to view our computer screen on your own laptop or PC over the internet while we present your design, renderings or any other necessary information and you can immediately see and discuss all changes or visual requests instantly.

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